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Proforme UK Limited Marquee Starlight Lining 6m x 12m Marquee
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Commercial or Domestic ?


Are my requirements commercial or domestic?

If you are using a marquee for anything other than private parties in your own garden and the marquee will be left up for more than a few days at a time, then your requirements are most likely to be commercial.

Proforme supply a wide range of marquees to hire companies, events organiser's, catering businesses, charities and government organisations for their day to day business needs.

If you are a company who uses marquees and tents on a regular basis, contact us about a trade account, where you can receive support and product packages which suit your business needs.



If you need more help Please Call us for advice

TEL: 08443 570210


Marquees are designed as a Temporary Structure and are not designed to be left up permanently, while some marquees are more suited to being left up for longer periods of time than others, No Marquee is designed or should be sold as a permanent structure.

Some marquees are called commercial, this is due to the materials used in manufacture which give added strength to the structure, increase wind resistance and will store, travel, pack/unpack or wear better than other marquees, this however does not mean that they are designed to be permanent structures.











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