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Marquee Anchor Spike

Marquee Anchor Spike

Available in Tie Down Kit Form or on its own

Offer Price £4.66.

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Proforme Fan heaters

1800KW Electric Fan Heater.

One heater will heat a 3x6m marquee in minutes.

Offer Price £79.99.

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Questions Answered
Questions Answered


Here are some of our most asked Questions about Marquees and Party Tents and the purchasing and erection of these tents.

We hope that you will find the answer to your question within this section, but if not please Email your question to info@bigmarquees.co.uk and we will Email back with the answer as well as including it here for future reference.

If you wish to post Questions or view most upto date Answers, visit the Marquee Forum

Will I need anything else when i buy a marquee? - Marquees sold by us are all sold complete with roof sides and end gables, many of the commercial standard marquees also come with the ground bars which are essential for erecting on a hard standing and also add ridgidity to a marquee on grass. What you will not get with the marquee is a storm proofing kit, these are essential for your marquee in order to keep it from taking off. The reason these are not included in the price of a marquee is because we sell a great amount of our marquees to hire companies, these companies already have storm proofing and do not like to have to pay for new storm kits with every marquee they buy. If you don't have means for securing your marquee then you need a tie down kit..
Will I be able to erect the marquee myself? - All of the marquees we supply come with DIY erection instructions, these marquees are simple to put up and it will take 4 people approx 4 hrs to put up a 12m x 6m on a first attempt, once you are used to putting one up this time can be halved.
What area do i need for storage? - All marquees are different depending on the size of the marquee, you will be able to fit any marquee available from us into a 2m x 1m x 1m area when packed away correctly.
Can I collect my marquee ? - Collections are welcome from our warehouse in Swadlincote Derbyshire. Please book your collection over the phone before you turn up, and remember you will need a van or a trailor for most of our marquees. If you are coming in a 4x4 or a large estate car PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU COME ALONE. No one else will be able to fit into your vehicle once the marquee has been loaded.
Which Marquee do I need? - Please see here


If you have further question's you would like answered please email them to info@bigmarquees.co.uk and we will email you straight back, also we can then add your question to this page to help other people with there enquiry's.


Marquee Foum - If you wish to post Questions or view most up to date Answers, visit the Forum.






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