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Proforme UK Limited Electric Gates & Gate Automation Kits
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This Months Special Offers
Marquee Anchor Spike

Marquee Anchor Spike

Available in Tie Down Kit Form or on its own

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Proforme Fan heaters

1800KW Electric Fan Heater.

One heater will heat a 3x6m marquee in minuites.

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GSM Intercoms

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Why Choose Proforme ?
Quality Assured



Proforme UK Limited have over 10 years experience in the manufacture industry, and have been designing and retailing marquees since 2005.


At Proforme we offer marquees and party tents of the highest standards in the market today.

We at Proforme will give you the correct information relating to your specific needs.

The reason we stock different grades of marquee is:

  • Each application is different, the customer having a few parties in the back garden twice a year does not require the same standard of structure as a market trader or a ship builder.
  • Each has been tried and tested by us and is deemed suitable for use for the purpose stated.
  • Trade customers can get all of the parts needed from one supplier.
  • We have used all of the marquees we sell at some point and are confident that they are made to high standards of quality.
  • At proforme we will only supply the best there is for your requirements at the very best value for money.


Proforme offer a service that will not be beaten anywhere else. Have you ever bought anything before, where when you come to need some technical support or spare parts, the company you bought from doesn't seem to want to know? You will not get that if you buy from Proforme. We carry all spare parts and will do everything we can to help you with anything you need or need to know from the day of your purchase right through the life of the goods purchased.


All of our Marquees and party tents are from quality assured manufacturers, they have all been tested by us and all pass our strict criteria.

Many of the marquees available on the market now are made at very low cost in order to maximise profit, many of these marquees are either not water proof and wind proof, or come to pieces in the lightest of winds. We at Proforme ensure that all of our products are up to the job. We always have and we always will be Quality Focused..


Our marquees and our company perform at the higher end of the market, if it is the best in quality that you want and the best service around, buy from Proforme and you will get both.


At Proforme we use the same couriers we have used for years, we know how they work and they know how we work.

This results in our customers getting fast and efficient next day deliveries, hastle free, and we do this without the usual problems with courier deliveries such as, broken and damaged items, items going missing or lengthy delays in delivery times.

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